Bike to Surf

Bike to Surf Week events create awareness about the ability that individual surfers and beach goers have to lower their carbon emissions by driving less to the beach.

 Bike to Surf Around the World

Dan, San Diego¬†“Got another ‚Ä™#‚Äébiketosurf‚Ĩ in this week, definitely going to make biking to surf a habit. Great exercise, good for the environment and saves a bunch of money on gas, can’t beat it!”

Roy, Holland¬†“Holland is the country of bikes ;) Especially in the Dutch surf city of Scheveningen a lot of people come biking.

Laura, South Africa¬†“I’m living at the beach front so that made it easier to participate, but besides that me and my roommate do everything on foot, by skateboard or by taking the South African typical minibus taxis and it works very well for us :)”

Stay tuned for upcoming events!


Founder and president at My Wave Addiction. Believes our own actions on a grand scale have the potential to make a huge difference. On a mission to inspire.


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