Our philosophy is driven by the belief that our own actions on a grand scale can make a high positive impact on the world around us.

  • Crafting an Ocean Minded Lifestyle

    To begin crafting an ocean minded lifestyle, it is essential for us to understand that what happens at sea, has it’s effects here on land, and what happens on land, has it’s effects out there at sea. It’s easy to perceive the two as being disconnected, but in fact they are deeply connected. It may […]

  • The Foundations of Ocean Minded Living: Part 1

    Welcome to the foundations post series where we cover the fundamental ideas and practices behind ocean minded living. We hope you’re as excited as we are. Let’s dive in. The deal with carbon Largely due to our carbon emissions, if things continue as they are, the percentage of threatened coral reefs around the world will increase to […]

  • Ocean Minded Living: Into the Depths

    If you’ve enjoyed our Foundations post series, and we’ve left you wanting more, we recommend using the following sources and materials to go deeper, increase your awareness about the current state of our planet, and further craft your ocean minded lifestyle. Online Wait But Why Here at MWA, we’re focused on building up an accurate picture of the […]

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