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When we feel like sharing content that we didn’t create ourselves, we throw it on The Back Burner. These posts range in length. Sometimes they relate directly to surfing, sometimes they don’t but we share them anyway.

  • Tesla Energy: Harnessing the Most Abundant Source of Energy on Earth

    Up until about a month ago, Elon Musk was just a name that I’d heard. I knew he was famous, but I didn’t really know why or for what, which is stupid because he’s going to go down in history as one of two things: the guy who created the technology that saved the world from […]

  • Words of Wisdom from Jim Carey

    It’s graduation season, and a customer at my family’s restaurant turned me onto this commencement speech by Jim Carey, who has always been one of my favorite comedians. His words of wisdom for the graduating class are just plain inspirational. Thanks Jim. Enjoy.

  • The 32 Hour Workweek and the Most Valuable Thing of All (Time)

    There is only so much time in the day, the week, the month, the year, and in life. Time and the way we spend it is a sensitive thing. CEO of treehouse, Ryan Carson, explains his logic behind implementing a 32 hour work week for his company in this clip: Case for 32 Hour Workweek […]

  • An Algae Surfboard: It Was Only a Matter of Time

    I’ve said this before, but San Diego is a place I hold dear to my heart for many reasons. Spending five years there for university was probably the best decision I’ve made in my 24 years. And while I was giving speeches in my communication classes, and chasing sorority girls over at SDSU, there were […]

  • An Idiot’s Guide to a Stupid World

    Note: Dan Kerins is a photographer, writer and horticulturalist specializing in ill-planned and under-funded excursions into the lesser known. His eclectic body of work has been featured in exhibitions in the UK (where he’s from), New Zealand and New York, as well as published online and in print. He sent me this essay that he’s […]

  • Ho Stevie Go Pro Mouth Mounts

    Product reviews… yuck. I don’t plan to post many on here, but I’m making an exception and here’s why: A couple months ago this guy Steve emailed me about trying out his product for free in exchange for doing a product review on MWA. I instinctively thought, You mean I get free shit, and all I have to […]

  • Vortex Bladeless: The Future of Wind Turbines

    A Spanish company called Vortex Bladeless is developing revolutionary wind turbine technology that is less expensive and more productive than traditional wind turbines. Of all things, the design was inspired by the collapsing of a suspension bridge during a windstorm, known as the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster.

  • Dan Kerins’ Bittersweet Symphony of Myanmar

    Dan Kerins’ is what I like to call a multi-talented human being. A native of New Zeland, Dan is a horticulturalist by trade, specializing in “ill-planned and under-funded excursions into the lesser known.” I first came across his work on the Surf Bunker blog, where they shared an article written by him about his recent travels through […]

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