The Quiver

Much like a surfer’s quiver reflects the essence of their style, The Quiver page reflects the essence of My Wave Addiction, which values quality over quantity, and digs deep into topics including, but not limited to: Surfing, Life, the Environment, and Travel.

  • How Headspace Changed My Life

    Today I want to talk about life, and specifically how in the last six months, mine has changed. I’m at this age where I’ve graduated from college, and haven’t yet moved onto a career, and people ask me constantly, “What are you going to do?” And every time they ask me, I know that (sadly) […]

  • Indonesia: A Dark Past, Murky Present and Uncertain Future

    The allure of Indonesia. It’s like the best place on Earth for surfers, right? Well, at one point I thought yes, and now I’m not really sure. Either way, with beaches like this: And waves like this: Image by Diogo d’Orey We all want to go there because of the insanely perfect waves. The idea behind […]

  • Shaping Environmental Perspective You Can Be Proud of

    One of the greatest rewards of being a surfer is having the opportunity on a casual, almost daily basis, to be surrounded by marine life in their natural habitat. Like these playful little dudes: Image Randy Ruby Surfers as a whole are truly connected to nature more than most, and this connection can be overwhelmingly enchanting, or at […]

  • Shaun Tomson on Sustainable Surfing

    Shaun Tomson, 1977 World Champion of Surfing, is one passionate human being. I remember years ago, I breezed through one of his books on a road trip with my parents. I was captivated by the stories of his youth in South Africa, his professional surfing career, and his pioneering of surfing Oahu’s North Shore. Last […]

  • Next Level Water Photography by Diogo d’Orey

    Surfing Keramas for the first time is a real treat. There is no shortage of hype having been the location of a famed WCT event, the Oakley Pro Junior Championships and a lot of high profile video parts. A couple days ago I finally had an opportunity to surf there. As I paddled out in the channel, […]

  • Motor Scooters 101: Basic Operation and Road Rash Avoidance

    The opportunity for traveling surfers to drive a motor scooter through the seemingly lawless streets of Indonesia is not a matter of if, but of when. And the idea is a fairly simple one. It’s like riding a bike, right? Wrong. The truth is, driving a scooter becomes natural quickly with a bit of practice, […]

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