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Firewire Surfboards Sponsors Bike to Surf Week

It’s important to us that companies who sponsor our events reflect our core values and overall mission. We’re floored to announce that Firewire Surfboards has generously offered up a board to one of our April 2016 Bike to Surf Week participants.

In 2014, Firewire converted their entire production to Entropy Super Sap plant-based bio-resin. Every one of their boards are ECOBOARD certified. And they’re all shipped in 100% post-consumer packaging.

Firewire as a brand represents everything we want to see in the future of the surfing industry. On behalf of My Wave Addiction, thank you for supporting our cause!


Founder and president at My Wave Addiction. Believes our own actions on a grand scale have the potential to make a huge difference. On a mission to inspire.


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