Ho Stevie Go Pro Mouth Mounts

Product reviews… yuck.

I don’t plan to post many on here, but I’m making an exception and here’s why:

A couple months ago this guy Steve emailed me about trying out his product for free in exchange for doing a product review on MWA. I instinctively thought, You mean I get free shit, and all I have to do is write about it?! Winning.

In retrospect I’m kind of annoyed that I accepted his offer. If I could go back and ask myself, Do I really need this thing?, I would. And the answer would be No, I don’t.

But I impulsively jumped at the idea of getting some free shit, and as soon as I did, he had it in writing that I would place a product review on my site. So he sent me one of his mounts, and a bunch of follow up emails about posting this review.

Anyways, here you go Steve:

I used it and it was actually the best one that I’ve tried. It feels like quality material, it’s not too bulky or too flimsy, and most importantly it’s comfortable in your mouth. I think using a mouth mount gives you an awesome perspective of both video and still Go Pro shots, and with this mount I’m able to capture that view when I feel like it. If you’re on the market for one of these bad boys, check out HoStevie.com.


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