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Tesla Energy: Harnessing the Most Abundant Source of Energy on Earth

Up until about a month ago, Elon Musk was just a name that I’d heard. I knew he was famous, but I didn’t really know why or for what, which is stupid because he’s going to go down in history as one of two things: the guy who created the technology that saved the world from catastrophic climate change, or the guy that created the technology that could have saved the world. Both very impressive, and fuck am I pulling for the first one.

In this video, he debuts Tesla Energy’s Powerwall. If the governments of the world decide they want to really do something about climate change, I believe this is the answer:

If you’d like to learn more about Elon, I’d highly recommend reading this article on Wait But Why:

Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man


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